Sabazius formed in June 2006 as a studio two piece intending to continue the work we had previously undertaken in earlier bands and projects.

Within a few weeks we had completed a demo featuring one track, Terror Is Thy Name, that was distributed free by request online in 2007 as a CDR, and of which around 70 copies were made and sent out.

Next we completed our first eponymous album and began working on subsequent EPs. The album was released as a free download in 2008, and over the following two years five new tracks were also released either as a physical limited ed. CD, individual downloads or as downloadable split EPs with other artists.

In 2009 we released our second album, Devotional Songs, followed by two drone tracks in 2009 and 2010 as free download split EPs, and another physical limited ed. CD release, Eighty Days and Four.

After a year hiatus to undertake another project, we completed previously unfinished songs and released two mini-albums in 2012, The Watchers and Parousia, and a limited ed. CD split EP with Hesper Payne.

In late 2012 we signed a contract with Earache Records and in 2013 released the 11 hour ‘live’ song The Descent of Man.

Since that time we have been working on four EP tracks and our third album, The Origin of Species, all of which we hope to release in 2014.


Sabazius originated as a continuation of previous ideas and bands before it evolved into what it has now become. As such we are indebted to our friend and doom brother Tatu Pier Makanda, and to all the other people we jammed with along the way under such titles as Delicious Monster, Batholith, Kaula Circle and finally Coelacanth, out of whom Sabazius was born.

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