Click on the song titles to take you to the download link, or click on the Youtube link next to the song titles (where relevant) to listen on Youtube.



1 – Occult or listen on Youtube

2 – Death’s Eternal Sleep or listen on Youtube

3 – Terror Is Thy Name or listen on Youtube

4 – XXIII or listen on Youtube

Devotional Songs

Pt 1 – ‘Asana’ and ‘Her Crimson Lotus Feet’ or listen to ‘Asana’ on Youtube and ‘Her Crimson Loutus Feet’ on Youtube

Pt 2 – ‘Shyama’ and ‘Asana’  or listen to ‘Shyama’ on Youtube

or listen to the whole ‘Devotional Songs’ album on Youtube


Mini Albums

The Watchers or listen on Youtube

Parousia or listen on Youtube



DCLXVI or listen on Youtube

Torah or listen on Youtube

The Goat or listen on Youtube

The Song of Los or listen on Youtube

Sympathy for the Devil or listen on Youtube

Eighty Days and Four or listen on Youtube

The Sermon to the Hypocrites or listen on Youtube

Shadows on the Wall or listen on Youtube

Here is the download link for ‘The Madness from the Sea’. This song is still available as a split with Hesper Payne called ‘Under the Alum Shale’ via Loathsome Unclean Music, so either download it for free using the link, or check it out on Youtube, and if you like it, go and buy yourself a copy.

2 thoughts on “Downloads

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  2. I really appreciate your work, and definitively think “Devotional Songs” is a great album. When time is enough, I like to discover your music. Keep on…Dooming

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