Dithyramb songs have now been released.

On 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th December 2014 we released the four Dithyramb songs as free downloads.

Dithyramb I: Zagreus
Dithyramb II: Dionysus – The Bacchae
Dithyramb III: Sabazius Rising
Dithyramb IV: Omophagia

The links to download them are in the downloads section of this site.

Slowly finishing new songs.

We are currently working on material again, with the Dithyramb EPs nearing the final versions of vocals stage, and Origin of Species is musically complete, with it largely having been instrumentally recorded and preliminary mixes of the music being worked on. 


Sabazius are now on Bandcamp! We cannot currently upload all of our back catalog to Bandcamp due to upload restrictions, but for the songs we could upload, you can download them in any high quality format you want! As always, all music is downloadable for free, but there is also the option to pay something for the downloads if you wish. These will be seen, by us, as a donation, which would always be very gratefully received. Anyway, click here for our Bandcamp page.

Not only are we now on Bandcamp, our entire back catalog is now available to stream on Youtube! Click here to be taken to Youtube.

Competition Time!

To celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the fifth anniversary of the release of our first album (plus the fourth anniversary of Devotional Songs… we like Easter!), and the general release of Descent of Man, we are going to give away the painting below. It’s a one off by Steve, and no prints or anything will be made of it.

For your chance to win, email us at sabaziusdionysus@yahoo.co.uk with the title ‘Painting Competition’, and simply tell us what you think the lyrics to Descent of Man are, and what the song is about.

Nearest / funniest / most interesting answers will be put in a hat, and we’ll announce the winner on May 1st.